This Could Save Your Job, House and Children – Emergency Call to Action

Trump’s Tax Plan Will Restore the Economy I have reviewed some of President Trump’s ideas as they relate to tax reform. Presently, we are destroying ourselves with a tax system that invites job defections and cutbacks. Trump has a brilliant plan and this may be the last time that we

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21 April 2017: ECRI's WLI Growth Index Continues to Slow

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April 2017 Chicago Purchasing Managers BarometerNew Orders Close To Three-Year High

The first shall be last, and the last shall be first: Upon public demand, .01% psychopathic parasites shall be arrested & buried in Truth, ‘We the People’ will launch a world that works for all Earth’s inhabitants. Are your thoughts, voice, and actions at work as best you can imagine?

QOTD: Inflation Cometh

Americans Buying RVs Like Crazy.

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Dow Jones News Today: Futures Tick Higher Despite Weak Q1 GDP Report

Advance Estimate 1Q2017 GDP Quarter-over-Quarter Growth at 0.7 Percent.

28Apr2017 Pre-Market Commentary: Wall Street Expected Top Open Fractionally Higher, But Trading Will Mirror Yesterday's Session And Remain In A Tight Band, Crude Prices Starting To Move Upward

04/21/17 #CrudeOil Chart $USO

The Core of the US Economy Not Growing #Retailers

World Stock Markets Weaker; U.S. GDP Report On Deck

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March 2017 Median Household Income Not Significantly Different

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Russia cuts rate 50 bps, inflation on target before end-'17

Campaigning on the NHS, again

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Update: My Favorite "Ten Bagger" Could Zoom Another 48%

Early Headlines: Asia Stocks Down, Dollar, Oil, And Gold All Up, Trump Will Pay ACA $, State Dept To Cut 9%, Trump Tax Plan, UK House Prices Drop, France GDP Growth Slows, And More

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China Will Survive Global Economic Meltdown-US Will Not-Are You Ready?